Trift lake and more

Trift lake
Information for Trift lake and more
START: Nessental
              Triftbahn station
FINISH: Guttanen
DISTANCE: 27.2 km

A spectacular trail adventure in to the Grimsel world

I have planned this tour in 2020. Even though, I know the Susten and Grimsel pass area a little bit, I have never visited the Trift lake or the hut. So, kind of an adventure for myself. And it's going to be a big day with big elevation. But I was in no way disappointed. Almost from the start at the bottom station of the Trift cable way, the trail disappears into a wild and rugged landscape.  

The first highlight comes when reaching the Trift bridge. This bridge is one of the most spectacular pedestrian suspension bridges in the Alps. At 100m high and 170m in length,it crosses the void caused by the receding Trift glacier to connect the trail to the Trift hut. From here, the trail changes to alpine trail marked in white-blue-white. There are some ladders and exposed sections secured with chains and ropes. When reaching the hut, enjoy the hospitality of the wardens and submerge yourself for a little while in the beauty of this glacier landscape before heading back to the suspension bridge.  Now the trail diverts from our original route and heads towards the Windegg Hut. Also another 750m vertical awaits to the highest point of this tour, the Furtwangsattel at 2562m. If you have time, you may want to stop at this inviting mountain hut to build your strength up for this last vertical assault of today. 

The mind is taken away from your tired legs, passing through a wild rocky landscape and if you need to cool off your legs and feet, the Tällisseewli is your perfect opportunity. The saddle is not far away now from here.

Far down below nestles the Haslital and the village of Guttannen. Suprisingly quickly I descend to the final stop of today. 

Whilst waiting for the next Postauto (bus) back to Innertkirchen, on the terasse of the Bären hotel, with a cool beer on the table, I reminisce about my memorable day running in this beautiful glacial and mountain environment.  

TIP: The best way to go to the starting point of this tour is to take the Post bus 172 from Innertkirchen to Nessental, bottom station of the Trift gondola.

If you would like to shorten the tour a little, hop on the gondola to the top station. Be aware, the gondola will only carry 8 persons at a time. It is best to phone ahead and book your trip.  


Gadmen valley and Tällistock mountain
view back to the Gadmer valley and the Tällistock
Trift hanging bridge
the awesome Trift hanging bridge
Upper Trift glacier
Love the view from the Trift hut

Furtwangsattel with a view down towards Guttannen. Feel like flying down into the valley