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Nationwide Trail Running community

Founded in 2013 the trail-maniacs community grows steadily and counts more than 150 members, who meet up irregularly for community runs, competitions and camps.  It is an open group of like-minded enthusiasts, keen on trail running, skyrunning, ski mountaineering and endurance sports in general. The foundation is a registered association that does not belong to any superior association. Join them and have fun experiencing trail running with like minded people. I did!

Meet Patricia. She has the passion and excellence about all things to do with mountain sports! Let yourself be inspired! 

And she is the founder of the Trail-Maniacs.

Trailrunlab physio, coaching, guiding
Kaziemier Hendrix

Kazimierz Hendrix, a certified Swiss ESA Trail- and Mountain Running coach and guide, who coaches runners with a special interest in trail running. Living in the heart of beautiful Switzerland, he found his passion for running in the mountains. Here he enjoys the breathtaking views above the clouds, breathing the fresh alpine air whilst covering many kilometers, training on the trails.


As a Dutch physiotherapist specializing in musculoskeletal disorders, he has a special interest in endurance sports, like trail running and other mountain sports. From his passion as an alpine-endurance athlete, he combines his training experience with his professional knowledge in the field of sports physiotherapy. He does yearly courses to stay up to date with the latest evidence in sports rehab science. His background at a master level in physiotherapy, coupled with his qualifications as a Trail-and Mountain running guide, makes him the perfect person in coaching individuals, both at beginner and advanced levels.


Besides his work as a physio and running coach, he also competes in trail running events worldwide.


4feet - Der Berner Laufladen mit einer grossen Leidenschaft für den Laufsport und ihre Kunden. 

Die kompetente Beratung und Tips vom erfahrenen Team ist weit mehr als die Suche nach einem passenden Schuhmodell oder der richtigen Bekleidung.

The running shop of my choice with a a large range of shoes, running clothes and accessories for road, trail and mountain running. 

Just as important as the large choice is the advice about all things running from the passionate and experienced team. 

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