Gleckstein hut special

Glecksteinhütte special
START : Grindelwald
              Hotel Wetterhorn
FINISH: Grindelwald
              Hotel Wetterhorn
DISTANCE: 17.2km
EFFORT: Medium

Glecksteinhütte with an insider special trail loop

to the upper Grindelwald glacier 

The SAC Gleckstein hut towers high above Grindelwald. From the paved patio area, the whole of the Grindelwald valley lies bellow your feet. A night at the hut is highly recommended. On a nice evening, a sunset spectacular awaits you whilst you are eating a delicious dinner. And often the ibex mingle with you around the hut in the evenings or first thin in the morning. 

The access to the hut is relative short. But the trail is probably the most spectacular in the whole of Grindelwald. The path is often steep and narrow in places. Exposed sections are secured with ropes and chains.

Because of the short distance, ( about 1h30-1h45) I have been known to run up there just for coffee and cake. 

It is one of my favourite places.


The tour starts again at the Hotel Wetterhorn.. (See also Wildgärst Round and Schreckhornhütte)  

The first part follows the Eiger Ultra route before we turn right on to the hut access proper. Care has to be taken on the narrow track hugging the sheer rock face of the Wetterhorn and climbing up steeply towards the 'Engi' But suddenly, a very runnable single trail opens up for about 500m. Soon the first glimpses of the Gleckstein hut appear high above.

Once reaching the hut, you may be ready for some refreshments and admiring  the awe inspiring views of the upper Grindelwald glacier world.

Let's not stop too long. As from here we start to the Beesi Bärgli round. A spectacular excursion to the Upper Grindelwald glacier on a white-blue-white marked alpine path. This is a round trip as there are two access trails. The upper original and the lower created by the former hut warden, Hans Kaufmann in the 80is because of glacier advancement.  We take the lower path but come back on the upper in a anti clockwise direction.. These trails are also used by climbers to the starting point for the tours to the Rosenhorn, the Schreckhorns and Bärglistock.


On return to the Gleckstein hut we may decide to stop again for lunch before descending back down to the tourist world of Grindelwald



Beesibärgli glacier run
Beesibärgli glacier run
lower trail Beesibärgli
lower trail Beesibärgli
free shower on the Gleckstein trail
Upper Grindelwald glacier close up